Welcome to Paragon Design International. You are here by some stroke of digital luck or
you met one of our colleagues. Either way we now have the opportunity to make our pitch.

We are a full service graphic design consultancy. Our areas of expertise are corporate
identity/branding, identity management and marketing communications programs.
We occasionally drift into web design, merchandising systems and packaging.

Our best fit is working with companies with sales over twenty five million dollars.
Can we work for a major brand? Of course (actually we do). After all, communication
art is not brain surgery.

Or is it?

Paragon Design International has won the GOLD tower and the SILVER tower awards
for corporate identity and marketing materials from the Business Marketing Association,
the British Design and Art Direction Award for self promotion materials, Eagle Award
for bank marketing materials, numerous How Design competitions for marketing
communication materials, Potlatch Merit Awards for various clients, Gold Ink Awards,
PIA “Benny”s for production and management and American Corporate Identity for
numerous corporate identity programs. Our work has been published in 3 different
LogoLounge books, Communication Arts Magazine and Graphis Award Annuals.